The Glioblastoma Drug Evaluation Service

We speed up the evaluation of your innovative therapies in relevant preclinical models of glioblastoma enabling rapid transfer to patients.

About Gliotex

GlioTex is an academic group whose work is carried out under a quality assurance system.

GlioTex is located in the heart of the University hospital La Pitié-Salpêtrière, one of Europe's largest neuro-oncology center, with more than 90 000 patients per year and 25% of glioma patients recruited in clinical trial.

Our resources


Patient-derived cell lines

with associated RNA and whole-exome sequencing data


Orthotopic patient-derived cell line xenograft mice models

modified to enable bioluminescence tumour growth monitoring
3 long-term culture heterotopic xenograft models
2 orthotopic syngenic immunocompetent models

700 +

Tumour samples

with associated blood and DNA samples, as well as clinical data

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Ahmed Idbaih

Dr Ahmed Idbaih is associate professor at at Sorbonne Université and attending neuro-oncologist at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris.

Dr Idbaih obtained his M.D at Pierre et Marie-Curie University. He specialized in neurology and neuro-oncology and in parallel, he obtained is PhD in molecular oncology at Paris XI University. Dr Idbaih completed a postdoctoral fellow at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Currently, he is a neuro-oncologist in the department of Neurology 2-Mazarin at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital where he manages mainly gliomas patients. He is involved in several clinical trials dedicated to primary brain tumour patients. He conducts his biological research at the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM) in Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital. He is interested in identification of molecular biomarkers in malignant brain tumours and evaluation of innovative therapeutic strategies in relevant preclinical models of glioblastoma.

Maïté Verreault

Dr Verreault is a PhD scientist specialized in cellular and molecular biology of cancer. Originally from Quebec city, she pursued her PhD at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where she quickly found an interest for the development experimental therapeutics for glioblastoma treatment. She has been working as a researcher with GlioTex since its beginnings in 2012 and is now in charge of the scientific management of industrial and academic collaborations.

Emie Quissac

Emie Quissac holds a Professional License in Applied Biotechnologies specialized in health sciences from the University of Reims. She joined Gliotex as an engineer-assistant in charge of the in vitro studies.

Nolwenn Lemaire

Nolwenn Lemaire holds a Professional Licence in Drug Developpement from the University of Creteil. After a year of apprenticeship at IPSEN she joined Gliotex as an engineer- assistant in charge of the in vivo studies.

Julien Elric

Julien Elric holds a PhD in cell biology from Institut Pasteur. After graduating from INSEAD, he joined the business development and licensing department at a comprehensive cancer center (Institut Curie) where he has been in charge of the international business development. Julien later joined the Brain and Spine institute as startup manager, and his activities ranged from providing support for startups development and growth to fostering international innovation and entrepreneurship.

Claire Roudot

Claire Roudot holds a Master of Engineering from ESBS and a Master degree from ESCP Europe Business School. Claire previously worked in R&D at New England Biolabs and in a strategic consulting firm. She then joined the Business Development & Licensing department at Sanofi where she identified collaborative opportunities and negotiated several early-stage deals with academic and biotech partners. She is a now Business Development Manager at ICM.

Ségolène Aymé

Ségolène Aymé is a medical geneticist and the founder of Orphanet – a portal for information on rare diseases and orphan drugs.
She chaired the EU Committee of Experts on rare Diseases (2010 to 2013), the WHO Topic Advisory Group for Rare Diseases (2007-2016) and managed the scientific secretariat of IRDiRC (2012-1015).
Ségolène Aymé is Emeritus Director of Research at the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM). She now acts as expert in residence for rare diseases at the Brain and Spine Institute.

Mohammed Ahmed

Mohammed, originally from Palestine, is a clinical pharmacist with experiences in both experimental and clinical therapeutics. He finished his graduate studies in Jordan where he started to be interested in the development of novel therapeutic approaches for neurological disorders. He was trained in Responsible Conduct of Research at the University of California San Diego followed by a research stay in the Max Delbruck Institute for Molecular Medicine, Berlin-Buch. At the beginning of 2018, Mohammed started his doctoral thesis with GlioTEx.

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