Why work with GlioTex?

Large panel of biologically and clinically-relevant preclinical models

Temozolomide exposure Graph

GlioTex has established a glioblastoma patient-derived cell line (PDCL) bank comprising close to 50 PDCLs cultured in neurosphere 3D culture condition. These PDCLs carry molecular oncogenic alterations of their parental tumour.

PDCLs and commercially available long term culture cell lines were exposed to temozolomide, the chemotherapeutic agent used in the clinic for glioblastoma patients. The concentration needed to decrease cell viability of 50% (IC50) was determined from dose-response curves.

GlioTex PDCLs exhibit heterogeneous response to temozolomide, as observed in patients. Most commercially available cell lines have developed resistance to drugs such as temozolomide and are no longer considered representative of human tumours.

Experts in the medical and scientific field to ensure optimal and adapted study plan

A physician, a PhD scientist and experienced engineers are involved throughout study execution, from study design to result interpretation, thus ensuring that biological, medical and scientific questions are answered.

Close association with Neurology 2-Mazarin clinic to facilitate and speed up transfer to clinical evaluation

GlioTEx has the unique advantage of converging the expertise of biology and clinical research together within one of the biggest neuro-oncology center in France, where more than 400 newly diagnosed glioma patients are treated every year, and 20 clinical trials are designed and conducted yearly.